The specific objectives of Peace Bird Consulting Services can be summarized as follows:

  • Play an active role in the overall environment created for the purpose of reconstruction and development of Afghanistan.
  • Deem the change as an opportunity. Social and economic changes are taking place at a fast pace with the support of international community. We believe these changes are opportunity for Afghanistan and therefore, should not be wasted.
  • Supporting the private sector has been a priority of Government of Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (GolRA) and its international allies. We move with providing standard services whichis the current need of private companies functioning in the markets of Afghanistan. The private sector requires to prove their efficacy and vital role for development of Afghanistan.
  • Work consistently keeping in view the perspective standing of PBCS which is further enhancement of services to organizations in Afghanistan.
  • Play an active role in building a digital Afghanistan where everything and all the systems are computerized and digital.